Biaxin (Clarithromycin)
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Product description: Biaxin is a macrolide antibiotic. It is used to treat many different types of bacterial infections affecting the skin and respiratory system.
Active Ingredient: Clarithromycin
Biaxin as known as: Krobicin, Klarmedic, Cleron, Abbotic, Claripen, Rodizim, Klaribac, Heliclar, Clarosip, Xylar, Claritab, Marviclar, Eliben, Klaritpharma, Klarigen, Clarac, Nexium hp7, Klabax, Makcin, Claritron, Klazidem, Megasid, Klarexyl, Claricide, Klarixol, Klarifor, Infex, Claritrox, Onexid, Clarithromed, Clarifast, Clarith, Egelif, Larithro, Clarimed, Monozeclar, Vikrol, Claranta, Larizin, Clarithromycinum, Klamycin, Laromin, Bacterfin, Kalecin, Pre-clar, Klarmyn, Kailasa, Klarcin, Macrobid, Maxiclar, Klarolid, Clarogen, Macromicina, Karid, Opeclacine, Clarid, Bicrolid, Binoclar, Claron, Euromicina, Mononaxy, Maxigan, Klarifar, Clasine, Preclar, Klaritran, Corixa, Klaretop, Emimycin, Bremon unidia, Clarytas, Fromilid, Laricid, Helozym, Claritt, Klarimax, Klaribros, Rocin, Klacid, Klaroxin, Claryl, Kofron, Klaram, Klamaxin, Orixal, Klaricid, Klonacid, Klarithrin, Gervaken, Clarihexal, Clarexid, Klarid, Claridar, Minebase, Klaridex, Klarithran, Klaciped, Aeroxina, Apo-clarix, Althromicin, Klabet, Klacina, Klaritromycin, Clarbact, Italclar, Klarmin, Clari, Glartin, Clarimac, Clarithrobeta, Crixan-od, Klacar, Hecobac, Cleanomisin, Clathrocyn, Klarifect, Nutabact, Uniklar, Klarith, Helimox, Klaritrobyl, Kalixocin, Clariva, Klarimac, Finasept, Clariston, Taclar, Clorom, Ritromi, Neo-clarosip, Clarimycin, Claromycin, Veclam, Clacine, Klariger, Ciclinil, Lekoklar, Rolicytin, Neo-klar, Geromycin, Collitred, Zeclaren, Biclar, Clatic, Synclar, Rolacin, Clariwin, Iset, Klaromin, Klerimed, Zeclar, Klarit, Clamycin, Odycin, Klasol, Clactirel, Macrol, Deklarit, Clarithro, Klaribact, Claricin, Mediclar, Crixan, Claritromicinã, Klarpharma, Claribiot, Kleromicin, Eracid, Clarimax, Biotclarcin, Karin, Bremon, Macladin, Ezumycin, Clabel, Quedox, Clormicin, Requelar, Clarix, Claribiotic, Maclar, Clarilind, Lyoclar, Adel, Cidoclar, Comtro, Klaz, Claritrobac, Clarocin, Clanil, Clarithromycina, Likmoss, Clarithromycine, Claromac, Clonocid, Claxid, Naxy, Mavid, Maxilin, Clariget, Clacee, Clar, Remac, Klabion, Clacina, Klax, Clabact, Claritromix, Derizic, Claribid, Claritic, Rasermicina

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